bang bang

As Toronto seems to finally be headed into the hotter days of summer, shorts and tank tops are in full effect on the streets. It is very important to take care of your skin and keep hydrated, but even more importantly, it is crucial to find salvation for awhile with a nice cold treat out of the sweltering city heat. Have no fear, the Toronto ice cream gods are here.

The following heavenly names are some must-visit ice cream shops that are special to Toronto. If you thought Baskin Robbins was the best tasting or the most Instagram worthy, you have not tried T.O's finest. Do your taste buds a favor and indulge in true ice cream decadence, will ya?

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Photo cred - Hameed S

Get some friends together and go explore the number of Ossington stores that are extending their hours from 6pm to 10pm tonight to allow you some extra time to get all the goods you need for the season. You're also conveniently located if you wanna grab a beer after all that exhausting shopping, as you'll find yourself near some of the best bars in the city (Get Well is a personal fave).

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