From one U.S. president to another! The friendship between Barack Obama and Joe Biden is still going strong and the former had a pretty sweet message for the new president-elect.

In a tweet on Biden’s Inauguration Day, the ex-leader shared a photo of the duo in the White House.

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Aww, Barack! Michelle Obama’s birthday is on January 17 and her husband just posted the cutest message in honour of the occasion.

In a tweet on his wife’s 57th birthday, the former U.S. president shared an amazing old photo of a younger Michelle.

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This is admiration on a global level. The list of the world's most admired people for 2020 just came out and a few Canadian people were included. The report by YouGov asked people in 42 countries and territories to weigh in on the rankings. 

Editor's Choice:Statistics Canada Is Hiring Across The Country & You Just Need To Know How To Use A Mouse

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