An epidemiologist from Western University says Toronto's new COVID-19 measures for workplaces will help the city, but thinks it's not enough to just report outbreaks.

Dr. Stephen Barr, an associate professor in Western's Department of Microbiology & Immunology, says more protections need to be offered to Ontario workers so they can stay home while sick and prevent a COVID-19 outbreak before it begins.

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Masks, distancing and rigorous handwashing have all been part of our daily lives for the past ten months.

Even with vaccines on the way, one Toronto expert is saying that masks will stay mandatory in Canada — even after you've been vaccinated.

Editor's Choice: Here's The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 While Shopping According To A Toronto Expert

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Despite all that we're learning about the spread of the novel coronavirus, you may still be curious about the risks associated with your everyday errands.

We asked an expert the one question you're probably still wondering — can I get COVID-19 while shopping?

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