We're officially 3 months into the year and by now, most of us have probably broken our New Year's Resolutions. (Or haven't even begun them, if you're anything like me.) But we can't give up yet! There's still time to turn your life around and get that body (*coughs* booty) you know you deserve. All you need is a little motivation.

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Good day and Namaste my fellow active Torontonians. I am a yogi. But, I am also a yogi who wants to spin, barre, and kick box. There was this one time, at not band camp, when I had memberships to two gyms and a yoga studio. And I didn't go to any, as I was in physical agony from my over-commitment.

Now, even as a proud member of only one yoga studio, I still want a play-all-places passYoga #everydamnday has its benefits, but also its limits, or plateaus. And I don’t want a pass that takes away business from our local gyms and funnels it elsewhere (*clears throat* ClassPass).

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Barre workouts are having a moment. Chances are if you're not already addicted, you have a BFF that won't stop talking about this fun new type of exercise. Let's face it: if we're going to actually show up to work out, it has to be fun. Barre classes originated in NYC and LA but now we're just as obsessed with these hour-long workouts that use props like weighted balls and resistance bands. The best part? Using a ballet barre and pretending you're a ballerina, if only for a few hours a week.

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