bars in savannah ga

Growing up in Savannah, GA, you become well-versed in the bar scene and develop an innate sense of which spots are worth spending your nights in.

The Hostess City has a plethora of swanky rooftop bars and overrated tourist traps, but at the end of a long day, nothing draws you in like a moth to a neon flame than a no-frills dive bar.

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The past few years have seen the rise in trendy rooftop bars in Savannah, Georgia. The Hostess City is known for her budding culinary scene, rugged coastline, and dark history, but lately visitors have preferred to view the city from a new, sky-high perspective.

As someone born and raised here, I keep my standards high for Savannah's bar and restaurant scene. There are some rooftop hangouts I regularly pay a visit to, while I leave others off my summer itinerary. When visiting our beautiful town, it's best to stick to local-approved hot spots and avoid messy tourist traps.

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