We all look forward to our GNOs because realistically, they are the only thing that gets us through the week. The hype about where we're going to go, what we're going to wear, and who we're going to see is an on-going and motivating topic in the squad group chat.

They are always nights full of amazing memories that we'll never remember. However, gathering up a squad after a night out is like trying to heard an army of infants that just don't want to cooperate. Once the group is finally accounted for, there is a very specific and imperative sequence of events that every squad has to go through.

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Let be honest, we all love to have a drink. Some of us like to get sh*t-faced, while others take their time and **enjoy** a beverage. Why not have a fab cocktail? (virgins can be tasty too?)

Toronto stands high on an international scale for having the best drinking establishments. Our  five-star mixologists work magic - they create lip-smacking cocktails. Save the vodka soda for a ‘let's get wasted’ night and try one of these Toronto’s must-have cocktails:

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