I've been working in the service industry ever since I was 16 years old. I started off as a hostess, made my way to being a server and eventually became a bartender. There are plenty of pros and cons to working in the hospitality industry and I've defiantly learned a lot during these 8 years.

All throughout high school and university I had a job at either a restaurant, bar or night club. It was the quickest way for me to make money, cash money. With all the loans and expenses that comes with being a student, I needed a job that I could somehow have control of making my own money. By this I mean, if I am to provide good service to a customer and leave them with an unforgettable experience, they will most likely give me a good tip and become a loyal client (which is a really important factor in this industry.)

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There are many bars to choose from in Toronto every time you go out. Unfortunately, hardworking bartenders from the 6ix do not have an option of who to serve. We have limited choices and frankly, there is a lot of hell to put up with. Thank you to all the people who respect us and treat us properly, yet there are many of you who do not.

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