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Have you survived your holiday shopping yet? We hope so because now is the time to forget about the inevitable stresses that come along with the holiday season and just enjoy this very special weekend with those we love. So whether that means your family, your significant other, or your friends, there's something for everyone in our list of recommendations this week.

From all of us here at Narcity Toronto, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and for those who celebrate it, a very merry Christmas!

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There are two different types of bartenders that exist in the booze world; the ones that pour vodka sodas at night clubs, and then the professionals who specialize in mixology and are capable of whipping up some mean lip-smacking cocktails.

These bartenders know how to work magic and dare the traditional cocktail experience by pushing boundaries. They'll work with ingredients that attract all your senses and will provide you with an extraordinary presentation like no other.

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We all know how hard dating in Vancouver can be and lately it feels like the city got a hell of a lot smaller. Its like every time I leave the house I run into someone I know. Now, by no means in that a bad thing. We all love an accidental run in with a good friend, but its when you start running into your ex's and your friends ex's thats when things are getting out of hand.

Being single is an open invitation to hang out at all and any bars in Vancouver and to avoid meeting the same guys over and over again I always try to make a habit out of going to new places downtown. So, based on my experience, I put together a list of guys you will meet at various bars around the city so if your looking for Mr. Right, maybe he is at one of these bars. You can send the wedding invitation to my email :)

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If you work in the service industry, you probably spend a large chunk of your time laughing and complaining with your coworkers about the weirdest and rudest customer habits. We are driven crazy on the daily, but talking about makes it manageable, and can even be fun.

If you do not work in the service industry but frequently eat out, think of this as a PSA. It is important for you to learn about the ways you're terrorizing your server.

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Let be honest, we all love to have a drink. Some of us like to get sh*t-faced, while others take their time and **enjoy** a beverage. Why not have a fab cocktail? (virgins can be tasty too?)

Toronto stands high on an international scale for having the best drinking establishments. Our  five-star mixologists work magic - they create lip-smacking cocktails. Save the vodka soda for a ‘let's get wasted’ night and try one of these Toronto’s must-have cocktails:

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