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Following a giant outage that left Canadians across the country without phone and data services this week, a Rogers credit has been offered to affected customers.

The company explained that the April 19 outage was caused by a recent Ericsson software update and promised that it was working to ensure this would not happen again.

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Provinces can make their own decisions when it comes to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, according to the country’s health minister.

Speaking on Sunday, Patty Hajdu explained that while the National Advisory Committee on Immunization previously suggested this vaccine shouldn’t be offered to people under 55 years old, provincial officials are not required to follow this advice. 

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COVID-19 has been tough for small businesses, with many being forced to close their doors and cease operations for good. 

However, many Canadians are holding on and some have even taken this opportunity to do something new. That includes many Black-owned businesses run by women in the product, service and tech landscape.

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When looking for an Ontario job, it's important to find one that will pay you enough money to live.

While that may sound easy, it turns out that most people actually can't afford to live off minimum wage. 

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As we reach the end of a challenging year, Canadians welcome the holidays as a much needed opportunity to rejoice and be merry with their quarantine families while enjoying the familiar and comforting flavours of a home-cooked feast.

For the past several months, technology has enabled us to stay connected. Whether it was through texting, videoconferences for work, happy hours, online workouts or simply browsing the web, technology has helped us maintain a certain semblance of normality.

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