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It’s been an unusual year for many Canadians, and our Google searches have apparently been just as unique. In particular, it seems we've been looking for a lot of 2020 memes!

This week, Google shared its Year in Search report, which explains exactly what Canadians have been looking for online.

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While Carole Baskin first started to gain attention on Netflix's Tiger King docu-series, she's remained in the spotlight since. Between selling video greetings on Cameo, posting vlogs on her youtube page, and being hit with new lawsuits, Baskin has been Dancing With The Stars.

In her first week on the show, the Big Cat Rescue owner was ripped to shreds by the judges for her Eye of the Tiger performance, receiving the lowest numbers of the night with a total score of 12 — just behind Charles Oakley's 50 Cent routine to "In Da Club," which scored a 13.

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On August 7 of 2020, a lawsuit was filed against Carole Baskin in an attempt to get more information for Don Lewis' family's Pure Bill of Discovery. And their legal battles aren't over. Now a new lawsuit against Baskin and Big Cat Rescue is coming out of John M. Phillip's office, which evens includes her husband Howie.

On August 22, John M. Phillips released a statement regarding the new suit on Phillip's & Hunt's web page titled Justice For The Family Of Don Lewis. The lawyer also later shared the statement on his Facebook page, as of about an hour ago.

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After Netflix's Tiger King captivated people around the globe, attention was drawn to a certain local character from Tampa Bay — Carole Baskin. While theories surrounding her potentially being behind her ex-husband's disappearance were part of what piqued her recent popularity in the public eye, The Big Cat Rescue owner is now showing up in other televised places. The 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars featuring Carole Baskin aired its opening episode last night, and it might not come as a shocker that the Tiger King star danced to "Eye of the Tiger" as her first song; some spoilers are ahead, you've been warned!

The judges used kind words to describe the routine, "loving the connection" Baskin and Pasha shared on stage, commending her for "going for it" despite Baskin's own admission to having zero dancing experience, and saying it was "well done."

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