The Picture Province is looking for newcomers! These homes for sale in New Brunswick prove it's the place to be if you’re dreaming of a mini-mansion on a budget.

New Brunswick recently launched a campaign encouraging Canadians to consider relocating there, promising the opportunity for you to “live your best life.”

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If Santa ever decides to relocate to Canada, we've found the perfect Ontario mansion for him.

This house in Parkhill, Ontario, is on sale for $474,900, and it features a piano parlour, red velvet carpets, a huge backyard, and a gigantic workshop in the basement. 

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If you've ever daydreamed about what it'd be like to be rich, chances are you have your dream home in mind. From sky-high ceilings to waterfall framed pools and spa-like bathrooms, you're likely to have a list of amenities that you'd love to have in your future house. If not, this multi-million dollar home for sale in West Palm Beach Florida will give you a lotta bit of inspiration.

Miami may be known for having some seriously expensive homes, but the photos of this epic abode on the market with selling agent Burt Minkoff of Douglas Elliman of Florida will really have you wishing you had the cash to throw at it.

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