bc house

This home for sale in B.C. basically screams West Coast living — with an epic view of the ocean and mountains.

It's actually located right on a little island, just a short ferry ride away from Victoria, B.C. You're close to the city but will feel like you're a world away while on this piece of paradise.

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House prices in B.C. just got even more incredible, with this rundown shack being valued at $1,457,000.

The home is covered by shrubbery and is on a relatively small piece of land. Yet, somehow it is still super expensive.

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There is a huge property for sale in B.C. right now, that even comes with a go-kart track.

The 5 acres of land is in a remote area, where you don't come close to seeing your neighbours because they're over a kilometre away. What is close to you, though? Beaches, hiking and kayaking.

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