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A teacher in B.C. has been suspended after showing her Grade 2 class a bunch of inappropriate movies, including an R-rated horror movie. The teacher also told the students stories from her adolescence about bullying her peers, and some students reported feeling "afraid" when she became frustrated.

Cindy Chi-Ching Tong was teaching a Grade 2 class, typically aged between seven and eight years old, at a school in Delta when the incidents took place.

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A teacher in Burnaby, B.C. has been disciplined for endangering students and asking a colleague to lie about it — after already facing issues with the school district when he shaved a student's head without parental permission.

The teacher, Michael John Rhodes, was working as a substitute teacher when the most recent incident occurred.

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Parents in a B.C. school district were told that COVID-19 contact tracing is "not sustainable" in schools anymore, with the Omicron variant.

Schools in B.C. are reopening on Monday, January 10, after a delayed start due to the spread of the variant.

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