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If you're looking to escape to a paradise with dreamy blue water and white sand, you don't need to look further than Canada!

Carters Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia, is an unbelievably tropical-looking beach with clear turquoise water and light, powdery sand that will instantly transport you to the Bahamas.

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Spain wants you to know that any body can be a beach body.

Spain also wants you to know that it’s really, really sorry for the way it tried to promote that idea.

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If you've been craving a beach vacation somewhere far away but don't have the time or money to travel, try checking out some of these spots in Vancouver, B.C.

From beachside restaurants to hotel resorts with tropical vibes, these places will give you all the beach town feels, all while staying in the city.

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With the weather finally starting to warm up across the country, you might be starting to dream of spending a few sunny days relaxing at the beach.

It might come as a surprise to some that you can find gorgeous blue water in certain parts of Canada, and those who do know about it probably want to keep it hidden from everyone else!

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The best summer memories are made in your bathing suit. But if floating in a pool full of chlorine isn't your thing, you'll want to discover these Ontario swimming holes that are a blue-water paradise.

These secret gems will let you feel like a mermaid as you swim your worries away. Plus, some feel like a tropical vacation, as they have sandy beaches or turquoise water.

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