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There are so many gorgeous spots in B.C. and people are shouting out which ones deserve to be made national narks.

A Vancouver Reddit thread was started, asking people where they would put new national parks in the province, and there were some great responses.

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When you hear British Columbia, what's the first word that comes to mind?

Beautiful. Damn, we're a good looking province! We've got a soft spot for each and every province, but there's a slightly larger special place that some of us have for B.C. 

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Oh, nature! It's summer and all your outdoorsy, adventurous friends are going camping, and you wanna tag along! Only problem is, you hate camping.

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Let's be honest, 90% of your motivation to go on road trips or hiking trails or #explorebc come from Instagram.

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Sometimes when you're going through the 'gram, all those beautiful other-wordly places seem like miles and miles and at least 10 paycheques away.

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