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Au pied du Stade olympique de Montréal se trouve un des endroits les plus cute en ville : les Jardineries. Les alentours du Stade, avec les camions de bouffe de rue des Premiers Vendredis, deviennent de plus en plus acceuillants.

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You know summer has officially begun when the patios open up and Haligonians are able to enjoy some brews in the sun!  The weather over the next few days is supposed to be superb, and as a result the team at Stillwell has decided to open up their uber popular beer garden at Spring Garden Road and South Park in time for the May long weekend.

Delicious homemade snacks and a massive selection of incredible craft beers and ciders will be available to those who drop by for a pint Saturday or Sunday, weather permitting.  Check their company website here and their Instagram page here to stay on top of the Stillwell beer garden opening weekend plans, and prepare for some fun in the sun!

Yesterday’s rain/wind/snow storm was a sober reminder about how absolutely insane Maritime weather can be.  Watching the temperature plummet and staying inside all night as a result of the monsoon got us reminiscing about how fun Nova Scotia can be during summertime.

Below we’ve compiled a list of things all east coasters are very much looking forward to experiencing during the warmer months!  Though it may seem cold now, we’ve only got a couple more weeks to go before spring begins, and venturing outside can be done without massive parkas and an umbrella.

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