being broke

One of the worst parts of looking for an apartment now a days is that you really don't know what you're getting. Posts on craigslist are hardly truthful and you can never quite tell if your land lord is going to turn out to be a crazy or not.

Well now you can rest easy knowing that you will no longer have to deal with the anxiety of finding an apartment. Casalova (ha, get it) is a one - stop - shop to look for listings, schedule viewings, make offers and pay rent.

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Photo cred - The Guardian

Sometimes you actually have to decide between having enough to buy a Timmies bagel or paying a fare to go home. It's not fair that in the peak of our youth we have to be so broke. I mean we are actually paying tuition to be poor, we brought it upon ourselves. But a true city kid knows how to survive on less and less. Even though we say we are broke, this is how broke we actually are between school payments, coffee, transportation, food, and textbooks...

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