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Even though its still only August, we can all feel the summer coming to an end sooner then it should. The weather these days doesn't make things any better and I don't know about you guys but these grey skies make me want to get out of the city and find some sun!

As Vancouverites, we are lucky that we live within a 45 minute drive to the border, which makes getting out of town super easy. On top of that, the state of Washington is full of awesome islands where the weather is currently almost 30 degree Celsius!

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The city is awesome, but every now and then it's nice to take a quick break from the hectic streets. For a change of scenery, there are lots of places near Vancouver that are perfect for a day trip.

These places are all a short ride away (only 1 to 2 hours) and will place you in a new environment which is sure to refresh your routine. All of these spots will prove to be fun and affordable so what are you waiting for?

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