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You can spend the night in eating ice cream with your four-legged best friend when you buy Ben & Jerry's new dog-friendly desserts. 

The iconic ice cream company announced that it's launching a line of frozen snacks made especially for dogs.

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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being honored in Tampa, Florida, ahead of Super Bowl weekend for his social justice activism. 

Kaepernick last December partnered with Ben and Jerry's to put out a new honorary ice cream flavor, “Change the Whirled,” and now they're doing even more to raise awareness about police violence and systemic racism against minorities.

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Known conservative political commentator and talkative Los Angeles based podcaster Ben Shapiro tweeted a surprising political opinion last night and people lost their minds about it.

In a tweet late on election night, Shapiro wrote that it was "deeply irresponsible" for President Trump to say that he had already won the election when he had not actually done that yet.

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