bernie sanders

La politique fait jaser ces derniers jours et Bernie Sanders, le sénateur du Vermont, a souhaité donner son avis sur Twitter ce dimanche 19 septembre en mentionnant quel parti il soutient pour les élections fédérales qui auront lieu demain.

« Le Canada se rend aux urnes lundi. Il y a un parti qui a défendu les travailleurs pendant la pandémie. Un leader qui a le courage de faire payer aux riches leur juste part afin que chacun reçoive les médicaments dont il a besoin », a-t-il amorcé pour expliquer son choix.

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The 2021 federal election is almost upon us, and Jagmeet Singh just received an endorsement from a well-known politician south of the border.

On Friday, September 17, Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted out his support for the NDP leader and his party. "There's one party that stood up for working people in the pandemic," he wrote.

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For anyone who followed the Trump vs. Hillary Presidential race can probably recognize the name Bernie Sanders. He spent the very first half of the campaign season vying for the role of the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on where you stand) he lost to Hillary Clinton. 

Despite being 76 years old,  Bernie seems to have a talent for connecting with the youth around the world and joining in on movements that matter to them. The now Senator of Vermont is heading to Toronto to discusses "Medicare for All" and will be speaking at the University of Toronto, discussing what the U.S. can learn from Canada's single-payer health care system

Unlike Barack Obama's recent visit, admission will be free. The event will be located at U of T's Convocation Hall on October 29th, at 11 AM. Doors open 90 minutes prior to the event's start, and guests must be seated by 10:45 AM. 

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