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In recent weeks, Florida’s coast has been a macabre scene of blood-red waters, and though the source is not quite so gruesome, it still poses a huge threat to Florida’s livelihood. The infamous red tide has bled across the west coast another 130 miles; with toxic algae bloom congesting the beaches and leaving dead marine life in its wake makes you wonder if there are any beaches without red tide in Florida right now.

Caused by toxic runoff from pesticides and higher-than-normal acid levels heated by rising temps, the toxic red algae blooms contaminate drinking water and stain Florida’s otherwise pristine beaches.

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The inevitable Canadian winter season is slowly upon us. If you're living in the prairie provinces, you've already started to get a taste of the winter season. It started snowing there a couple weeks ago and sent the internet into a frenzy.

We are predicted to get some intense crazy snowstorms in the upcoming months and no matter how many years go by, many many people cannot stand to be in the cold weather- sometimes they just need to getaway to a beach destination to leave it all behind.

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