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Imagine you’re on a tropical beach in Thailand, getting rowdy celebrating Full Moon. You’re dancing to the moonlight, feeling those tropical vibes and drinking out of buckets. Now sadly you might not be able to duplicate the same experience in Vancouver, but hey, there is one aspect this city does offer — Thai style bucket drinks. Not only does Vancouver have drinks in the form of buckets, we also have tons of different fishbowl and punch bowl drinks that you might not even have known about.

Vancouver has quite a few varieties of fishbowl and bucket drinks. You can drink out of a real pineapple or a copper pineapple. You can even have your drink served with a sparkler on top. Missing summer? Instead of floating in the pool on a pink flamingo, you can drink out of a copper flamingo — a need you didn’t even know you had until now.

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Cocktails, milkshakes, fishbowl drinks, smoothies, matcha espresso—you name it. Vancouver has some pretty great drink options.

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