best gyms in toronto

Hands up who's already failed on the "get healthy" bit of their New Year's resolutions? We don't blame you, getting yourself to the gym on snowy mornings, or in the evening when it's already dark by 5, can be enough in itself to make that particular resolution fall by the wayside.

The solution? Start going to classes that take working out and make them fun, interesting, or just generally awesome. If you have fitness goals with real-world applications and benefits, such as learning self-defense, something tangible to work towards, working out becomes way more appealing - you can see your progress way more easily. Sure, 2017 can be the year you get fit, but why not take it to the next level by mastering a new skill?

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Good day and Namaste my fellow active Torontonians. I am a yogi. But, I am also a yogi who wants to spin, barre, and kick box. There was this one time, at not band camp, when I had memberships to two gyms and a yoga studio. And I didn't go to any, as I was in physical agony from my over-commitment.

Now, even as a proud member of only one yoga studio, I still want a play-all-places passYoga #everydamnday has its benefits, but also its limits, or plateaus. And I don’t want a pass that takes away business from our local gyms and funnels it elsewhere (*clears throat* ClassPass).

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