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Every girl knows what it feels like to need to drastically change up their apperance. Whether you just went through a shitty breakup, moved to a new city, quit your job, or graduated school, there's always an excuse to reinvent yourself.

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If you and your bae happen to live in Alberta and enjoy being active then you've found the right article. Whether you love running, diving, or engaging in some risky behaviour; you're the kind of couple who's not afraid to mix things up. With Spring right around the corner (depending on this weather), we want to start the season off with some spontaneity for you and your bae. Life can become hectic and nobody likes living in repetition, so why not turn it up a bit.

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Alright, we are not the type to spill the tea but for this article, we had to. We know with the winter season, everyone wants to warm up with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea but sometimes, you just have to switch it up a little. Imagine a Taiwanese tea-based drink that comes in a variety of flavors and is finished with chewy tapioca balls at the bottom? We call it bubble tea! Are you convinced yet?

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With Edmonton being such a beautiful city, you would think that it wouldn't have any secrets. Well thanks to a website called Google, we were able to uncover some hidden secrets about the city, most of them were kinda scary. When we say scary, we're talking about ghosts, spirits and well, just strange things that have taken place in the most notorious spots. Some hospitals, restaurants, museums, and even theatres.

When you hear stories about people who have died in buildings, it is automatically assumed that their ghost/spirit lives within the building, or even better, in the spot or room where they died. Now, we have yet to visit these buildings so what we want you to do as readers if you could, is to visit these 9 buildings that we have listed below and depending if you make it out of there in one piece, please share your experience with us. In the meantime, have a look at nine allegedly haunted spots in Edmonton.

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This past Saturday was a historic one! On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, over 2000 Edmontonians gathered in front of the Alberta Legislature at 1 p.m. for a peaceful march along with cities and countries worldwide. This took place the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20th. The march was for women's rights and in response to Trump's nasty comments about women, minorities, members of the LGBT community and the disabled.

We are proud to say that Edmontonians took part in this peaceful Women's March on Saturday. Locals braved the cold and began to make their way down to the Legislature Grounds around noon where the speeches took place at exactly 1 pm. Attendees wore warm attire, carried signs that read "Princess Leia Sent Me", "Women's Rights are Human Rights", along with thousands more. Women, men, and children wore knitted pink toques with cat ears in solidarity to clap back to the many offensive comments Trump made during his campaign and general public career. Judging by the turnout (between 2000 - 4000), Edmontonians came together in unity to demand equal rights for women and to let it be known that change happens when people get involved, engage, and demand more from the status quo. Way to be awesome Edmonton! Have a look at 23 amazing photos from the rally below. For everyone who attended, don't worry, we see you. Thank you for your contribution!

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