best places to visit canada

Are you trying to plan a Canadian vacation and not sure where to start? Some of the most loved Canadian travel destinations are right here in Ontario, so you don't need an expensive plane ticket to have a fantastic vacation.

The Tourism Sentiment Index ranked destinations based on online conversations and publicly available travel content and determined the top 50 cities to travel to in Canada. This 2021 list is the first time they've ranked the top vacation spots in Canada during one of the most difficult years for tourism.

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You don't have to leave the country to take an international-style vacation. There are so many places in Canada that feel like another country and the best part is that you don't even need a passport!

Whether you've been dreaming of a golden Caribbean getaway, a trip to see the fjords of Norway or even an adventure to Mars… Canada has got you covered.

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Canada is full of cool places unlike any other all-in-one country. From crystal clear Caribbean-like waters to icebergs in the backdrop of a small town, surreal hot springs and more, Canada continues to give us more and more reasons to be proud of our country.

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