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Toronto is home to lots of bars, clubs and LCBO's (there's one on every corner basically). We've got no trouble finding a place to kick back and grab drinks with friends. 

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Many people choose to dine on Spadina when it comes to eating Chinese cuisine in Toronto. It's the core of China Town and it's filled with a copious amount of authentic restaurants. However, if you're looking for a truly authentic and unforgettable experience, you should check out Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant. 

When emperors lived in the Forbidden City in China, they'd receive luxurious service in beautiful restaurants. At Cynthia's their goal is to treat every guest with this rich service, just like Chinese emperors did in Beijing back in the day.

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Italian, Greek, Asian, Western--- we've all seen this different ethnic restaurants and food destinations in Toronto and all over the GTA that add to Toronto's beautifully ethnic diversity. That being said, I'm sure that if you're both a dedicated foodie as you are a dedicated Narcity reader, then you've probably tried all of the food recommendations that have lead you to new and spiritual foodie heights. Okay, I might be over exaggerating just a tad on that last note, however I'm not kidding when I say that Toronto has one of the best food scenes when it comes to representing international cuisine. However one of the many ethnic backgrounds that we have yet to explore is Portuguese cuisine!

Portuguese cuisine is often looked over and unrecognized in comparison to major ethnic foods like Italian and Asian. However, just because it is often overlooked it doesn't mean that it should be. Portuguese cuisine has some distinct, powerful and delicious flavours that makes it its own.

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For all you sweet tooth fanatics who love anything sweet, be sure to hit up this new creperie on King and Church for a foodie experience that'll satisfy the crepe out of you!

Whether it be sweet or savoury, sink your teeth into your these insanely delicious folds of your favourite french delicacy served up in the wildest combinations of flavours. This restaurant that has been conceptualized for years by Aurash Gashgaei and Rez Zarafshan is sure to serve up a mighty fold of whatever your heart (and stomach) desires for you to enjoy in the bright and homey ambience of this restaurant's interior. Not only are these insane crepes sure to satisfy, but check out their freshly made sugarcane juice or fresh watermelon juice to wash down your meal with a sweet but healthier alternative to your typical soft drink.

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Which restaurant in Toronto can accommodate a big group of friends? This question is asked frequently by many people because some restaurants do limit the number of people available for a table reservation.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, having a reunion or a casual dinner, it's nice to get some friends together, have some drinks and converse over a meal. Are you planning your next group outing? Here's a list of 8 Toronto restaurants that will guarantee a great party and accommodate you and your group of friends:

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