We found the ultimate cozy winter beverage. Forget about mixing cocoa powder into a mug of warm milk; these Ottawa hot chocolate bombs are way more fun.

Chances are you've seen this beverage trend all over TikTok and Instagram. How it works is you pour steaming milk or boiling water over the chocolate sphere to reveal the marshmallows or candy inside.

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With the Tim Hortons hot beverage giveaway starting again, there's a hack to get entries for the contest without having to spend money.

Originally, this contest started in March but it was paused after just two weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This is something to be thankful for! The Tim Hortons free donut offer is back for the entire Thanksgiving weekend and you can get one every half an hour.

If you're looking to treat yourself this weekend, Tims has you covered.

For the entire Thanksgiving weekend, you can get a free donut when you buy any drink with the Tims app.

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When it comes to cocktails, we say the bigger, the better! If you are searching for the best caesars in Vancouver, we know just the spot. Score on Davie sells boozy beverages so massive, you'll need a friend to help finish it.

The towering beverage might be popular in Toronto, but it's from Vancouver, and the first one ever was made here on Davie Street in 2014.

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