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The best way to end a workweek is a drink with your BFFs. Between going to your usual bar & staying in, you may get a little bored of the same routine. Luckily fun things to do in Tampa are aplenty, & this boozy pedal boat tour just might be your ticket to those weekend drinks with the besties.

Kraken Cycle Boat Tours offer a uniquely fun way for you to sip & play in Tampa Bay. Just pack up your favorite booze & snacks and hop aboard their party boat that can fit up to 15 people total on a 2-hour excursion.

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Not having a car can seem like such a big problem in Ottawa. Even though the city is known as a small but big city, a ton of it is spread out awkwardly. Whether you want to drink, relax, or go hiking, you'll find you or one of your BFFs needs a car. Or do you?

Let's be real. The best part about Ottawa is the downtown core. You have the ByWard Market, Centretown, Nepean Point, etc. And really, who wants to say they bussed all the way from Orleans to Barrhaven just to hang out? I'll wait. So in my opinion, and I'm sure a lot of others, the best place to chill if you don't have a car is downtown Ottawa. Everyone can get to it by bus, and there is so much to do. 

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There is no better adventure to be had than with your BFF! You two are each other's best company and for good reason - you just get each other. Fall is the ultimate time for a getaway together- and honestly, you do not have to go far. 

There are great places outside of Toronto and the GTA that make for a great day trip. So this fall, take in the sites with your number one travel companion!

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Life as a student can be hard... especially when it comes to trying to save money. Once in a while, it's nice to go out and do something with all your friends, but then you all realize you're broke. After the insane prices of tuition and the unreal prices of textbooks, you're stuck wondering how TF can you do anything fun anymore?!

Although maybe not the boujiest of things to do, Ottawa has plenty to do that costs little to no money. I know the tough life of being a student, from not having enough time to meet up to also remembering you're broke AF, things to do kind of diminish until the break in December. These 21 things in this list are perfect if you don't have a ton of spare money.

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As the weather cools down and our scarves come out it may seem as though the only thing to do in Ottawa is go hiking. But there is more to fall than just hikes (even though they are my personal favourite thing to do in fall). 

If you're trying to narrow down what you're going to do this fall, this list will surely help you out. It's time to take out that fall jacket and your favourite plaid shirt cause fall on its way.

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