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birthday dinner

Free? Did somebody say free? 

Your birthday is meant to be celebrated, whether you treat yourself or others treat you. Why not take advantage of both? Calories don't count on your birthday and it's your day to do whatever you please. There are plenty of places that provide you with deals on your birthday, but how many of those places offer you things for free? Whether you have to do a few things to get these deals, the word free makes it all worth it. So sign up, and feel spoiled AF on your birthday with these 16 free things the city is willing to provide you on your special day:

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If you're looking to show your BFF you care on their special day, why not take them out for their birthday?! Or if you would like to be treated, tag your BFF in the comments and be as passive aggressive as you like ;)

These 11 places are all super unique, so there is sure to be something on the list that your BFF would love.

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