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Another year around the sun — birthdays come only once a year, so you’ve only got one chance to make it unforgettable. Which we know, is a lot of pressure. Cue this article. That’s why we’re helping you out and saving you some of that stress of planning the perfect birthday dinner surprise for your girl.

Maybe your girlfriend's birthday is coming up and you have no idea where to take her. Or you know which type of food or vibe is her favourite but can’t decide which restaurant best suits it. Well, no fear because we're here to help you out. From more budget-friendly spots to bad and boujee experiences, this list is filled with Vancouver restaurants that have different vibes, price points, and types of cuisine. 

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Shower your s/o with love and take them out to eat an amazing meal because food is love. Or casually send this to bae for a subtle hint if your bday is coming up. Even if neither of you have a birthday coming up, why not have a special night out and celebrate you.

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