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A dog that was held by animal services for weeks has now allegedly bitten a teenage boy.

Family dog Dwaeji, also known as Blu, who is a 1-year-old American Pocket Bully, was picked up by Vaughan Animal Services in October and held for weeks under suspicion that he was a pit bull.

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I donut believe this! In June 2020, McDonalds Donuts launched in Canada and now I have put them to the test against Tim Hortons to see if these new treats on the block can give our Canadian classic a run for its money. 

While the fast food chain is more known for it's famous fries, this year they introduced five donut flavours to their McCafe menu. This includes an apple fritter, Boston cream, jelly strawberry, maple caramel, and sprinkle donut. 

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If you are starving all the time but are counting all of your dimes, then you'll want to visit these cheap places to eat in Vancouver when you need a bite. We've found 11 tasty foods you can stuff your face with, for under $11.

When your bank account is looking extra empty, it is the perfect time to enjoy a happy hour with your friends.

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