blind date

Getting stuck on a date with someone you just met can either be a comedy-filled nightmare or the premise of a Hallmark movie.

A 30-year-old woman is still trying to decide which one she's dealing with after she got trapped at her blind date's house for several days during a COVID-19 lockdown in China.

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An attempt to test the generosity of a blind date didn't work out for a woman in China, who was left to pick up a $3,100 dinner bill.

The woman in Zhejiang invited 23 of her family members along to the blind date but it massively backfired after her date refused to pick up the cheque, according to local paper Taizhou Evening News, which posted the news in October 2020. The story has gone viral again one year later.

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In this day and age, the act of finding a date is as quick and senseless as swiping left and right. Dating apps often cause us to see people as profiles rather than as actual human beings. It seems silly to rely on an app over a friend (that you really trust) when it comes to your dating life.

On the other side of the coin - as the matchmaker, you only want the best for your friend. The venue you pick is therefore of critical importance. It needs to bring some element of intrigue to break the ice but also be laid back enough to allow the your friend to connect with his or her date. Here are 8 cool places to set up your friend on a blind date in Toronto:

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