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A major snowstorm is impacting Canada's weather and there are blizzard conditions in some parts of the country.

This is a multi-day spring snowstorm and the region is expected to be affected by it from Wednesday, April 13 through to Friday, April 15, with gradual improvement and clearing by Saturday, April 16.

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Canada's weather is about to get hectic because a "historic" blizzard is on the way for parts of the country and it could bring 80 centimetres of snow!

During an update about the snowstorm, Environment Canada warning preparedness meteorologist Natalie Hasell revealed how it will play out as a line of low pressure extends north from the U.S. into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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A bomb cyclone is threatening to hit the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada on Friday, and there's a chance that it could ruin plenty of weekends if it sticks around.

The U.S. National Weather Service warns that a winter storm could get supercharged over the Atlantic Ocean before it hits the East Coast, although forecasters still aren't certain whether it will happen.

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On Wednesday, Ontario's weather is calling for an incoming clipper system that will bring gusty winds, slippery wet snow, and freezing drizzle to parts of the province, with motorists being warned to prepare for dangerous travel conditions.

According to The Weather Network, the system will bring 5 to 10 centimetres of snow to Snowbelt regions. Spots surrounding the Ottawa and Parry Sound areas will be hit the hardest.

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Canadians are well known for their politeness and affinity for snow, and today's snowstorm may have proved the world right.

Ontario is in the midst of an intense snowstorm shutting down schools, highways, and flooding roads with mounds of snow but Ontarians have made the best out of the chilling situation.

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