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Fall is one of the best seasons to really show off your inner fashionista. From scarves to jackets 'tis the season of layering and I love it. This is the time of the year when you can wear your jacket open without worrying about the -30° weather!

So break out your boots and your best leather jacket cause it's time to look fly. These Ottawa fashion bloggers are extremely good at creating the most on point outfits. 

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Not everyone is as gifted as models like Kendall Jenner to be able to look effortlessly cool while strutting in public and casually snapping a selfie. I'm sure most of us just roll out of bed with our messy buns and reach for that morning coffee like the grumpy dwarf from Snow White, not even daring to open our selfie cameras, but that can change!

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Whether you are looking for some DIY videos on Youtube on how to perfect the Kardashian smokey eye or just an everyday hair tutorial - you will find it with these girls.

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Who doesn't love some good ol' fashioned sangria in the summer? Vancouver is home to some of the best restaurants with delicious sangria, and for super cheap.

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Vancouver has beautiful landscapes, beautiful scenery, and beautiful people so of course we also have some pretty talented photographers killing the game.

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