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bloody caesar

Whisky. There’s a good chance that when you hear this centuries-old liquor mentioned, you think of all the rules that come with it. It needs to be served in a special glass, at a special temperature, you can’t add anything to it and — strangest of all — you’re not allowed to drink the "best" ones, like ever.

Understandable, then, that you might say "no, thanks" to whisky most of the time. But what if there was one whisky made with the philosophy that the only rules that matter when it comes to drinking it are your own?

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There are so many things I love about living in Canada but when prompted to talk about the thing I hate most, the answer is easy. It’s the Caesar.

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Everyone loves a good Mexican Bulldog. This drink definitely speaks to everyone, it's the most refreshing way to drink a beer for those who don't really like beer (does anyone really like beer, though?) and it's also the manliest "girly drink" out there. Nothing is better than a nice "beer-garita" on a hot summer's day. (Not to mention, it pairs really nicely with a plate of nachos.)

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Calgary is undoubtedly one of the best places to get a caesar. We literally created them. The bloody caesar was created by a Calgarian bartender at the Westin Inn in 1969, so there's no question about the quality of the caesars in this city. We are the originals.

Not only is this drink a spicy, tomato-filled taste of Calgarian greatness - it's also known to be a pretty great hangover cure. So, whether you're looking to drink a caesar to get drunk with no regrets or because you were drunk and are filled with regret, here are some great places to get a really, really good bloody caesar in YYC.

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Apprendre, ça donne soif. Pis entre tes lectures interminables, ton étude pis ton stage, il faut bien que tu décompresses. Mais pour pas que tu te rendes dans n’importe quel bar à l’aveugle, et pour te faire sauver du temps, je te partage 12 spots à 30 minutes ou moins à pied de l’Université Laval.

Tu pourras franchir le seuil de ces endroits en toute confiance, en sachant que tu vas savourer un maudit bon drink. Que ton breuvage de prédilection soit une bonne bière ou un cocktail fancy, tu trouveras certainement de quoi oublier ton superviseur de stage pis ton partenaire d’équipe gossant dans l’une de ces places.

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