Canada has lost many beloved businesses over the course of the pandemic, including both independent shops and chains with locations all over North America.

The province of Ontario has said goodbye to a number of these once-popular retailers, from Kiehl's to Godiva to NYX Cosmetics. 

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One Toronto area is saying goodbye to multiple Gap-owned stores this week.

The neighbourhood of Yorkville is bidding farewell to two retail locations and it will reportedly be the first time in two decades that Bloor Street will have no Gap shops, according to Retail Insider.

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What Toronto rentals look like greatly depends on which neighbourhood in the 6ix you're hunting in.

A North York apartment is going to offer you more space for your buck than a similar priced one downtown. 

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Going to the same place for dinner can start to get boring. If you're looking for new places to spice up your life, there are tons of hidden gems around the 6ix. To help you narrow it down, here is a list of seven underrated Toronto restaurants to bring your favourite person to this fall.

From hidden gems that continue to stand the test of time, to freshly opened places, you should always keep a bucket list of Toronto restaurants to try out. 

Although it can be easy to fall for the hype of the latest food trends, it's always great to try something new.

Editor's Choice: This Cheap House For Sale In Ontario Comes With Priceless Waterfront Views (VIDEO)

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Holy shit, how is it December already? I swear it was Halloween just last week. The weather has barely touched the negatives and there's been like two days of snow, it just doesn't feel like the holidays. But it's no matter, because we're still gonna get #turnt on eggnog and candy canes (sugar high, my friends).

It's almost the end of 2015 and you should make the most of the days we have left of it. Make sure to do everything on this list before the ~New Year~ comes along. 2015 was great, but 2016 will be even better.

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