Fred VanVleet knows Toronto. The American, who first got involved with the Raptors in 2016, opened up to Narcity this week telling us what he learned about the city and its residents over the years, and, he's not wrong.

When asked which Toronto stereotypes he thinks are the most accurate, the NBA All-Star gushed about how nice and polite most of the city's residents are, well, except for drivers.

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First of all, let me just start by saying that this was an all ages music festival in Surrey. So that says a lot to begin with. Being a mid-20s downtown dwelling Vancouverite, I have to psych myself out every time I ride the skytrain from literally one end to the other. Which only happens maybe once a year.

Luckily I was working at the festival taking photos for a local company so I had to be there before the park even opened. Which meant I was able to avoid the hoards of people on the skytrain ride out to the park. But it also meant that I was spending 11 hours a day for 2 days walking around the festival, taking photos, meeting people, running into friends, and that can really wear you out. There's nothing I would rather do right now then sleep for three days straight.

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Vancouver can’t hide from the fuck boy. They are everywhere, in fact one is probably sitting within 10 feet of you right now. Lets be honest, we all know a fuck boy or two and as fun as it can be to watch them in action it's never a good thing to be the girl dating one.

Ladies, don't be fooled by their trendy exterior or fresh fades. If you think your man is showing signs of fuck boy syndrome it might be time to cut him loose. So read over this list and re-evaluate your relationship.

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