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Winter is finally over, which means it is time to ditch your parka. But if you need more spring clothes, you'll want to check out these Ontario sales.

You can take advantage of extra savings right now on basics like tees and shoes. So many retailers have massive deals for a limited time with markdowns up to 70%.

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With daylight saving time around the corner, Canadians are anticipating losing an hour of sleep when the clock strikes midnight, or rather 2 a.m.

Although it may seem insignificant to some and not a major life-altering change, for others it is truly an adjustment. 

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In the midst of a pandemic, the race to develop effective COVID-19 vaccines is ongoing.

The first two approved by Health Canada were introduced last year, but the country has continued to look for other candidates

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Everyone could use more feel-good content, and these Ontario body positive influencers will add some happiness to your feed.

Many Instagrammers and bloggers across the province are promoting messages like self-love, body confidence, and healthy living.

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Cette année, les personnalités québécoises ont fortement utilisé leurs plateformes pour aborder les sujets qui leur tiennent à cœur et voici les treize mouvements de body positivity en 2020 qui nous ont inspirés.

Bien que 2020 s'est avérée être une année des plus imprévisibles, elle a laissé place à plusieurs initiatives concernant la confiance en soi et la croissance personnelle. 

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