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bored in vancouver

While you pull up your Instagram feed and see your friends in Hawaii and Portugal this summer, you're literally sitting here bathing in jealousy asking yourself, "Why am I not there??!?!?"¬†ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠

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I hate to break it to you, but very rarely do you ever find yourself bored in Vancouver. Not only is there a long list of  year round activities to chose from, both indoor and out, but by nature Vancouverites are adventure seekers. Inevitably, though, even the best of us hit a wall of boredom.

Unsure of what to do with ourselves, it can be hard to find inspiration. When this time comes, instead of binge watching Friends for the 54th time on Neflix, check out this list of possible things to do in Vancouver when you’re feeling a little bored.

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