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Figuring out where the best spot to go on any given night in Toronto can be difficult. It's not our fault that our city has an abundance of amazing bars to go to. Furthermore, it must feel impossible for the new Torontonian to navigate the Toronto bar scene without some sort of guide.

Don't worry. We know how stressful it can be when you don't know where to go and have no fallback plan. We have composed an easy-to-read list of the best bars to go to for each day of the week that are sure to be guaranteed good times: ?

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Everyone's favourite festive Irish holiday is coming up soon: St. Patrick's Day! From shamrocks to Irish top hats to pots of gold, you'll be seeing plenty of green and gold at these St. Patty's parties. Get all decked out in your best green attire and get to day drinking (or night, depending on the event). Here are 7 of the best St. Patty's parties to get drunk at.

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