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The last thing mom wants to hear after a night out in the Byward Market is that you ended up in jail. But, in Ottawa, you can actually go to jail without even committing a crime in the city's one-of-a-kind jail hostel.

This former maximum security prison housed the city's most notorious criminals for over a hundred years. The Carleton County Gaol, as it was formerly called, had not only some of the harshest conditions in the country for a prison but was also a place where many criminals were put to death.

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There are many unusual myths that surround Vancouver's peculiar history. From the paranormal to hidden treasures, there are stories that will bewilder the mind and give you goosebumps. Whether these tales are true is hard to say, but they have survived the ages. If you are as curious as you are brave, then perhaps you can see for yourself whether these legends are of any real substance.

Gather your most fearless friends, and check out these spooky places if you dare. For those extra adventurous, bring a ouija board so you can attempt to communicate with the other side. Apparitions or not, you are certainly in for a thrill and quite possibly, a shiver down your spine.

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