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After two years, my relationship fell victim to the pandemic.

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Let's be real, we're all pretty invested into celebrity relationships. If you've ever been in a relationship, you know that you usually end the relationship on good terms or on awful terms. On good terms, you feel happy for them when you both move on and you'd even be up for coffee to catch up. On bad terms, even when someone brings up their name you get heated and feel anxious. Imagine being that way with millions of people knowing you broke up?

Celebrities have it way harder, because you're bound to see that person at a party at some point. Us regular humans can just avoid every situation they would be in, their favourite restaurants, and try to erase them from our minds. But being famous, you can't even go to a movie or an awards show where their name isn't mentioned. It must be exhausting, and no sarcasm there.

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Breakups can be super tricky to navigate. Most days you just want to crawl in your bed and pretend everything is fine. But there comes a time where you need to put on your big kid pants, and go get drunk with your best friends. 

Disclaimer: alcohol is NOT the solution for a broken heart. Time and patience are. But hey, it can help a little and being in a social situation will take your mind off things even for just a night. 

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I don't care if you and your ex ended on good terms. You broke up for a reason and therefore he or she is probably a piece of shit. We all know that breakups are the worst thing ever, but once you've eaten all the ice cream in your fridge and cried enough, it's time to start getting back to normal.

And that means flexing on your ex. Let them know you're fine even if you're not. It's like reverse psychology. Sometimes pretending you're okay will make you feel like you are. 

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Okay so you got dumped, or maybe you got cheated on, or maybe you got dumped because you cheated. Whatever the case may be, you're alone and it sucks. A lot. 

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