breast cancer awareness month

Coffee lovers rejoice! Get your caffeine fix and do some good all at once. On October 19th, ALL proceeds from drip coffees will benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The second annual Coffee by Donation Day is happening this Wednesday to raise money for breast cancer research.

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Ditch the bras on October 13th women of Toronto, because that is the day you are officially sanctioned to be bare breasted beneath your blouse, tee, or tank. This is no clever ploy, because October 13th is No Bra Day.

No matter your bra size, leave the straps at home on Monday, October 13th, because not only are breasts beautiful, but by participating you will be supporting breast cancer awareness. October is breast cancer awareness month, so a day was chosen in the month help spread the good word, with the added flair of bra-lessness.

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