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Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anymore date ideas to cover, here I go and create something that's best described as a seasonal dating chart for your 2017 year. Guys, I will no longer allow this "everything is lame" attitude to carry on, especially when it comes to the dating scene.

Except maybe when it comes to actually finding that significant other to do these suggested date ideas with. I'm working on it, I haven't quite figured out the ultimate matchmaking destination but I'll keep you in the dating loop. In the meantime, for those of you who are coupled up, here's all the more reason to love being in a relationship. And for those single folks out there, consider this your seasonal dating chart for finding a future date.

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Let's face it, most of us have outgrown the Regina bar scene. Sure, we love hitting up Lot Club or O'hans for the occasional drunken dance party but we aren't as limber as we used to be in our early party days. We're adults now (okay, maybe 80% of the time) and that means our going out routine consists of sitting around a table and drinking a few beers with friends.

That's all fun and games until you get bored of going to the same place.  So, let's switch things up and hop on the local beer wagon for a brewery tour instead. Think of it like a game of musical tables, you still get to engage in your routine social behavior but you're constantly changing up the scene.

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