We've all been there. Whether you were running late for work or just wanted to cancel on your friends because you wanted to stay at home and huddle up in your blanket burrito. Sometimes, we all just needed an excuse.

There's plenty of excuses out there, but there's just some you'll only hear in this city. As outrageous as they might sound, there's a lot of truth to them too. Chances are, if you're an Ottawan, you've probably used them at one time or another.

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Let's first get this straight: Ottawa may be the last city in the world where you'll get punched. Even if you do, we'll just be apologizing days on end 'cause we'd feel so bad. We love a lot of things, like you, even if we haven't met you yet. But like everybody, we got our little ticks.

Ottawa is the laid back forgotten middle child of its brother and sister cities, Toronto and Montreal. It's quaint and, like all middle children, it has a lot of unseen potential. It's a big small town of one million and you're always bound to meet somebody who knows you on the street. We're all here to welcome you.

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