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A news report written by CBC News confirms that the  Federal Environment Ministry has officially approved a proposed mining project near Vanderhoof, BC. The mining project is expected to cost a staggering 1.8 billion dollars.

On Tuesday, April 16, CBC confirmed that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change both approved the new costly mining project.

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It’s that time of year again. Cherry blossoms are now out in full force all over Vancouver. Every year, thousands of people try to get the perfect shot of these beautiful flowers. In one particular neighbourhood in Vancouver, tourists are flooding in to take pictures with cherry blossoms.

In fact, there are so many people that visit this one particular area that an Instagram account has been set up to show us what we look like while trying to get the perfect shot! It’s hilarious and something you just have to see. 

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don't think this type of honorary title is something to congratulate. But for the third year in a row, Vancouver has been named as the rattiest city in BC. This officially means that Vancouver has the worst rat problem in the province. Every year, Orkin releases a ranking of the rattiest places in BC and for the last three years, Vancouver has taken home the unwanted number one spot.

Thankfully, Vancouver isn’t the only place on the list. Keep reading to find out who took home the top spots. 

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If you catch yourself making references to growing up in Coquitlam, or if you currently live in Coquitlam and you just like to vent about the small things that really annoy you about your city, this is the article for you. 

Some of these slight nuisances may include 1) Waiting almost a complete decade for a highly anticipated SkyTrain system 2) Struggling to clean up your yard after some hungry bears rifled through your trash bins 3) Our very very limited shopping mall.

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The long weekend is starting tonight!  To start off the holidays, we all get to celebrate Canada Day together tomorrow! Show your pride and gratitude to live in a country as beautiful, culturally diverse, tolerant and safe as Canada!

For those who wonder why the 1st of July, we have to travel back to 1867 when the Constitution Act was signed and had unified the three colonies into a single country. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada (today's Ontario and Quebec) were the founding fathers of the fabulous country we are living in.

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