You all remember playing Super Smash Bros. It doesn't matter how old you were. Young, old, male or female. It wasn't about age or gender. It was about being the best player at that sleepover or party or hangout and winning those damn bragging rights. You know what I'm talking about. 

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It's finally the weekend — or for some Monday night. You plan on hitting the club with a few of your girlfriends. You're feeling pretty good about yourself! You've had a few drinks, put your face on and slipped into that gorgeous dress you bought earlier. You're all set to dance the night away! When you finally get your groove on and it happens. Some dude is all up on your grill. You either roll with it or roll out.

So depending on what you're into to, you may have already met some of these fine fellows — whether you wanted to or not! So if you didn't already know, we've comprised a list of your potential prospects when hitting DT!

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