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The Picture Province is looking for newcomers! These homes for sale in New Brunswick prove it's the place to be if you’re dreaming of a mini-mansion on a budget.

New Brunswick recently launched a campaign encouraging Canadians to consider relocating there, promising the opportunity for you to “live your best life.”

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Moving during a pandemic is not exactly ideal, but once you set your eyes on the prices of some of the cheapest and hottest markets in the country who could blame you?

In fact, New Brunswick might just be your forever home after their Canadian housing market status was revealed and they came out on top as one of the provinces with the cheapest homes, according to RE/MAX.

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The RCMP has issued two emergency alerts and warned locals on Twitter that they are searching for an armed man in New Brunswick, believed to be carrying firearms with “intent to use them.”

UPDATE: The suspect's car was located by police in Amherst, Nova Scotia, at around 9:30 a.m. The man has not yet been found.

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Seems like our neighbours don't know a lot about us. With the drawn-out U.S. election, Canada's provinces and territories are in the spotlight because a viral tweet is trying to get Americans to name them all. People's attempts at listing out all 13 are pretty hilarious.

If you've been watching non-stop U.S. election coverage, you might know more states and even specific counties than you ever did before.

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Ever dreamed about leaving the city behind for a cabin in the woods? One Toronto couple decided to make those dreams a reality and never looked back.

Madeline Taylor and Mitchel Kingsley loved Toronto. The city brought them friends, careers, education, and it’s where they fell in love, the couple explains on their blog, Our Little Outpost.

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