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Toronto condos are getting more creative in how they market themselves– some offer a free month's rent, a Porsche car with the purchase and others put in a TikTok Studio.

Queensway and Islington, in Etobicoke, is getting a new two-tower condo called Verge, created by RioCan with Millenials and Gen Z in mind.

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On the night of Monday, April 19, a Langley fire forced about 100 people to evacuate from their homes and totally destroyed the condo buildings and townhouse complexes in its path.

CTV News reported that a massive explosion was heard before residents in the area were evacuated. The fire took place near 80th Avenue and 208th Street.

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On January 19, the Empire State Building will glow red on the New York City skyline with its iconic heartbeat lighting.

Between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. EST, the top of the building will pulse a red light, mimicking the pulse of a heartbeat, in memoriam of all Americans who lost their life to COVID-19. 

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Pro-Trump Rioters shocked the world on Wednesday as they stormed the United States Capitol building, effectively taking it over and forcing house members and senators to evacuate.

Now it seems that everyone's favorite time-travelers, The Simpsons, actually predicted this event happening many many years ago.

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During the U.S. Capitol building riot on January 6, politicians were seen with what looked like plastic bags over their heads and there's a reason why.

Both CNN and The American Press reported that they were actually gas masks that lawmakers were told to put on after rioters stormed the building.

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