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Watch where you're walking, folks! Canada's most rat-infested cities have just been named and it's not looking pretty.

Pest control company Orkin Canada has just released its annual national ranking of the top 25 "rattiest" cities in Canada, and it's probably no surprise to see some major hubs listed in the top 10.

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New data has revealed Canada's most affordable cities for buying homes and the mortgage payments would take up only a tiny fraction of your income.

The data put forth by Point2Homes shows that nine out of these ten cities have median incomes that are increasing faster than home prices. 

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Burnaby's RCMP is recommending charges against a suspected B.C. drunk driver who smashed into a fire hydrant and wreaked havoc on a Burnaby neighbourhood in early January. 

Police posted about the event on January 9, explaining that the man responsible is 61 years old and alcohol was suspected

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On December 1, police pulled over a Burnaby Tesla driver who was not even trying to hide their over-the-top holiday spirit. 

According to Burnaby RCMP, the driver had decked out their car from top to bottom in Christmas lights. Oh, and they were stuck on with duct tape.

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Sometimes things just don't go as planned. In fact, a B.C. woman fell through the ceiling of a restaurant while in the middle of a plot to skip her bill. 

Burnaby Police shared a video of the wild scene along with a bit of background. 

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